Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 1, 2017

New month, new look! I'm ready to find even more goodies in my stash. I spent a few minutes tonight bagging up the projects from the two halves of January. My fingers started itching with desire to stitch! 

So, something about me. I really like stitching for occasions. I like events, seasons, holidays, etc. Fall and Halloween seem to take up the most space in my stash, even more than Christmas! Today's project has some extra parts to it. I bought this chart probably close to the time it was published in 2008. I bought a piece of 40ct linen so it would be small and perfect. Then I started stitching black and...I got bored. I'm sure that's what stopped me. Now that I've aged a little more, I don't think the black would bother me so much. I just need to pull it out and get stitching. 

Something Wicked
169w x 68h
40ct Relic linen from Picture This Plus
WDW and GAST floss substituted for NPS

Now the fun happened when I opened the project bag. Inside I found 3 more of Lori's charts begging me to finish the first one and start on them! They are Toil & Trouble, The Raven and Smell My Feet from the Just Cross Stitch 2008 Halloween issue. These would be such fun to see finished and hanging on my wall. I've got a great skull pattern to be started at some point, too. Halloween could be a great decorating time inside and out!!

So, until tomorrow, get stitching or, "I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!" ::insert evil laugh here::

Laura :)


  1. LOL! Those are great charts and I hope you feel up to some black stitching soon. I do like black for the days when I'm feeling a little overwhelmed because it's soothing. :)

    1. I should probably stitch the outline of the shoe. Then I could sit and fill in. That would be good for those times when I just need some mindless stitching, even if is on 40 count linen.

  2. Some of my favorite Halloween patterns! What a nice surprise to open one and find more inside! Can't wait to see more work on these. :)