Saturday, June 29, 2013

A little nostalgia

Whatever happened to bonus fries?  You know what I mean, right?  You eat your fries from the package and then, as you're scrounging in the bag, you find the ones that they threw in the bottom as extras for you.  It's only a few more, but I always loved the idea of having bonus fries in the bottom.  Just a couple extra.  Of course, I usually get the value-size fries.  The tiny little package that's really more than enough for someone to eat.  So, it got me thinking about other things in life.  Have we just super-sized ourselves out of the pleasant little surprises? 

Anyway, that got me thinking nostalgically about other things I miss.  I find myself missing the times that I could call Mom on the spur of the moment and go have a meal together.  I miss all the songs she and Dad used to sing.  You know the ones, Mares Eat Oats, In the Garden, Oh Tell Me Why, and their favorite lines from a movie about fishing.  Then the little things I grew up saying, like "Bread and butter" every time something split me from whomever I was with.  The whole thing was something like, 'Bread and butter, let us never be separated one from another'.  Anyone else say that one?   

So, in the stitching world I've grown to love the whole song series from La D Da.  I've stitched a couple and own a few more of the patterns.  And, I keep teaching my children those things that I loved.  Yesterday I talked to my son about a poem my Mom taught me.  I'll share it here with you all to close.  

Somebody loves you, 
Somebody cares,
Somebody whispers
Your name in prayers. 
Someone esteems you
very high.
Yes, God loves you, 
and so do I. 
So, take that through your week and know that that's how I feel about all of my friends.  I hope this has gotten you thinking nostalgically, too!  And may you find the bonus fries at the bottom of your bag!
Laura :)