Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 4 Update

Well, I have had a busy few weeks since my last blog.  I work for the school district and we recently had our yearly state assessment testing.  It's always a grueling process and makes our students stir crazy, especially when the weather shows the first signs of Spring and all they want to do is be outdoors!  LOL  But, it's all over again for another year and we have moved on. 

I have been trying to get as much stitching done as I can because I know my time will be more limited in just a short while.  In fact, the amusement park where I work for my summer job goes into full time daily operation this coming Wednesday.  So, I will be working at school and then most nights at the park.  Bye bye stitching time!

In the mean time, I have some more progress to show.  I had my Halloween Fairy SAL weekend and didn't have much time to stitch so there's not much to show but here it is:

The first picture is a close up of what I've stitched and the second shows a little more of my fabric.  Both are a little dark but there they are!  I think she'll be gorgeous on the orangey fabric.
Next up was my SAL week/weekend on Rocky Mountain Christmas.  My goal is to get this finished this year.  If I keep up with the progress the way I have been, that should be no problem.  We'll see how things progress over the summer months.  I have a close up of the section I just stitched and the overall piece as well.  I'm on Page 4 and have stitched Pages 5 & 6.  


I've also been working on a piece for Katie.  It's stitched on Kermit linen from PTP.   Katie tweaked the colors and asked for some changes.  I can't get the program to lay it out horizontally so you'll have to turn your head!  Here it is so far:

So, that's about it for now.  Hopefully another blog in another week or so with more to share!  For today, Nancy and I are headed out to complete the local cross stitch Shop Hop!