Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February 7, 2017 - A Limited Edition

Good Morning! Both of the boys (my husband and our son) are staying home so I have a little extra time this morning. I thought I'd use it to blog and I won't be trying to write at ten o'clock tonight.  

It's amazing where you can pick up charts. This one is from about 1997. I used to chat online on a bulletin board. There were loads of people on there and some of them were wonderful. Let's leave it at that! Among them was Lesa Steele. Lesa was trying to start her own design label. It was fun to read her posts about getting things ready to go. Since she was so active on the boards, she offered us the opportunity to buy her first design. With it came a bonus chart. This is that limited edition bonus chart. Mine is 51/250. I really love it and had every intention of getting this thing stitched. Heavens knows why I didn't just send it in my round robin. It would have made the perfect piece for that. I've made a few color tweaks and love the fabric I've selected. Each section represents a season of the year. 

Sadly, Lesa is no longer publishing designs. Too much piracy and not enough buying have definitely had their way with the smaller designers. But, here is my project!

Lesa Steele
133 x 133
30ct Salt Marsh Green linen ~ R & R Reproductions
Threadworx & DMC flosses

So many glorious projects to work on!!

Have a stitchy day.

Laura :)


  1. The fabric is beautiful, and the rose buds very sweet. Hope you can fit it in somewhere!