Thursday, February 9, 2017

February 9, 2017

Thursday. One more day to go in the workweek. I think I might survive!

Today's project is an old one. It's very pretty but, for me, it has been tedious nearly every time I've worked on it. I chose 32ct linen and it might be that it's a little tight to work with. It's all beautiful silks and sparkly beads. What's not to love? I'm currently on band 7 of 15. I think I just need to put on my big patience hat and work on this. Maybe it needs to make it into a once a month rotation. Maybe one weekend a month? I do have a weekend in my RMC/BAP SAL Weekend group on Facebook that we use to stitch Holiday or Seasonal projects. I know I have so many choices for that weekend but MAYBE it could at least get a few hours on that one weekend each month. I'm trying really hard to talk myself into it. 

Snowfire Christmas
Just Nan
148h x 83w
32ct Antique white Belfast linen
Silk flosses and beads as charted

I think I need to get stitching! I've nearly finished a project so hopefully I'll finish up and have another project to mark off the list and show you soon!

Laura :)


  1. This seems like another one that you could do a little bit at a time to get a finish. If you really, really like it, maybe you could work on one thing at a time, like work on the other snowflake on one day and the next band on that Holiday weekend?

    1. Tiff, I did pull several patterns and worked an hour on each one on Sunday. It was fun to get back to them and making a little progress got me interested in them again.