Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 31, 2017 - One full month!

Hi all. Still progressing. I survived the day and still feel pretty good. I think I'm on the path to full recovery. 

Today marks one full month of blogging. I look forward to it every day. I'm really enjoying digging in my stash and rediscovering projects that I still love. It's also an opportunity to give a good look at some projects and decide what I want to do with them. 

My project today is probably one of my oldest WIPs. I started it for a coworker long ago when my heart was much bigger than my time management. I changed the colors to match her wedding. While the project looks lovely, I'm not interested in stitching it any longer. So, I've made the tough decision to remove it from my stash. If anyone reading this is interested, please comment here or contact me. The linen is lovely. I used DMC floss so it's not a problem to replace and I've got my conversion written down and in the bag with the project. Have a wedding coming up? This is probably about half stitched!

The Wedding
Lavender & Lace
228 x 301
28/32 ct Natural Linen from Zweigart
DMC floss with green conversion

Anyone interested in adopting this project?

Laura :)


  1. I hope you have a taker. I don't have anyone to stitch it for, but I'll post about it in my blog too and hope you get some interest.

  2. Thanks Tiff. I should post it on Facebook as well. I just want it to go to a good home. I'm hosting a stitching get together Saturday so maybe someone there will adopt it.

  3. Maybe Kevin Tobin would like to do another one! Did you see his recent finish, Laura? Unbelievably beautiful.

    1. I don't know Kevin. Is his finish on a blog or Facebook? I'd like to see it!

  4. Hi there!I am coming over from Tiffstitch blog.This is one chart I always loved but I am unable to purchase. If you haven't yet found anyone to give this away and you are willing to send it to someone unknown to you in Greece I'd love to stitch it and put it on my wall. I got married two years ago and would love to have a memento to pass on to my son when he gets married. Thank you. AriadnefromGreece!