Sunday, February 5, 2017

February 5, 2017

This has been a good stitching weekend for me. I've finally finished the January section of the Quaker Fantasies 2017 SAL. I've added beads in the centers of the motifs across the middle. The color in the photo isn't very good, but here it is:

I'm happy to have it finished. I'm pretty sure section 2 is out there but I'll be taking a  break and working on some other projects for a little while. Today's project is another long term WIP/UFO. It was started in 2008 as is noted on the project. I sent it around ~ more than once, in round robin groups. The groups have helped me make a lot of progress. When I chose this pattern, I went to a needlepoint shop and sifted through lots of fibers. With Katie's help, I settled on the second set of colors we chose. I really like them. I forget the enormity of this piece. I still have plans to finish stitching it. Then I'll have to decide how I want it finished. It would be huge to frame but I'm not sure what else I'd want to do with it. 

Paradigm Lost
Long Dog Samplers
363 x 355
28 ct Babbling Brook hand dyed linen from Wichelt-Permin
various flosses

Just for a little perspective, this is what happened when I laid it out on the floor to photograph. Pekoe is part Siamese so she's quite a large cat. 

Pekoe is our sweet rescue kitty. She's been with us for a little over a year. She showed up at our back door one day and hasn't left since. She was so malnourished, I'm not sure how much longer she would have survived. She was eating out of the trash wherever she could find something. She's so sweet tempered and affectionate. I just can't fathom how someone threw her out. We named her Pekoe like Orange Pekoe tea because of her coloring. What a little sweetheart. She purrs if you look at her!

Have a great week!

Laura :)

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