Saturday, January 21, 2017

January 21, 2017

Another late night post. The reason tonight is that I've been stitching for a large part of my day. I've enjoyed working on my projects today. I've just set my latest project aside for a few minutes so I could write my blog entry. 

Today's project is Blue Moon Angel from Lavender & Lace. I've had this chart in my stash for about as long as it has been published. The copyright on the pattern is 1995. That's a long time for this to be in my stash. I really like these angel patterns. I've stitched 5 angels, but one of them twice so 6 in total. Two have been gifts for my sister-in-law, one a gift for my daughter and the other 3 live with me. I have most of the series in my stash. This is my second start on this pattern. The first time I decided my fabric was just too dark. I wasn't enjoying working on it and so I didn't. This time I started during one of my January binge starts. I've chosen a fabric that's easier for me to work with so hopefully it will see completion, even if it takes awhile to see daylight. I don't have much of a start to show you, but you'll see my beautiful fabric. 

A word to the wise here. I (nearly) always put the selvage edge on the left. This was a great help tonight because there's not really much there to be able to tell what's what. I would advise being consistent when you can or somehow marking your fabric so you'll know where the top of the fabric is. My little tic has saved me more than once. 

Blue Moon Angel 
Lavender & Lace
188 x 225
32ct Solo Belfast linen from Silkweaver
DMC flosses
Kreinik braid
Mill Hill Beads

I'm back to stitching again!

Laura :)


  1. Yay! Nice restart on this gorgeous fabric. Good trick too. I've had that happen to me twice, although all the edges were serged, so I don't know that it would help me. I'll have to think on the issue.

    1. Thanks! I really do like this fabric better. I have also basted a thread through the top to help mark a project. It was especially helpful when I've done projects with similar sides - like Perennial Border from The Drawn Thread.