Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 8, 2017

Hello again! It's been a good weekend. I had the rehire party for my second job yesterday. It was good to see lots of familiar faces. 

I'm a little later posting today. It'll give you all a chuckle to learn the reason. I was looking through the latest bag of projects I had pulled. I was able to cull two charts that I don't think I'll ever stitch. Then I rediscovered Butterflies from the Arts & Crafts Designs folio by Ginger & Spice. Picture This Plus has had this stitched and displayed as a shop model for probably as long as they've been open and I've always been drawn to it. I finally asked for help finding it because it never seemed to be in stock. When they handed me the folio, which was in stock, I saw why I'd never found it. Can you figure out why?

Image result for ginger & spice cross stitch - butterflies

The butterflies are turned at such an angle that they're nearly invisible. I did a quick look online and couldn't find a better picture. It's a circle of butterflies and what I think are probably dragonflies. It's made up of lovely DMC lavenders, antique blues and blue violets colors. Since I am a purple fanatic, this one totally fits the bill. AND, I had purchased a piece of 28ct Desert Sky Cashel linen on clearance. It's just perfect. It's subtly colored with hints of blues, pinks and yellows. So, I gave up resisting temptation and I started it today! I didn't do much, just the head and body of one butterfly and part of one wing segment. But it's started! So, I have yet another WIP!! Just what this crazy stitcher needed. So, here's my start. It's not much but it's a start. The fabric will not show anywhere near as pretty as it really is. Maybe during the day when it's finished, pressed and framed. 

So that's today's WIP. Newly created but a WIP nonetheless. Now I can start looking for tomorrow's!!

Hugs and Stitches, 

Laura :)


  1. Glad you finally found the project you were looking for, and can't wait to see it grow. It sounds beautiful!

  2. Thanks Tiff. stitched more after the picture last night so I've got a nice start on the project. It seems like it will be a fairly quick stitch.