Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 11, 2017

Busy, crazy day. I woke too early - twice! I couldn't sleep again and ended up getting up early and trying to get my day started. Jeff called and needed to be picked up because his truck wouldn't start. ::sigh:: Thank goodness I had been up early. I was ready to go and got him taken care of before heading off to an early meeting only to discover it wasn't at the location I thought it was supposed to be. I raced to the actual location and made a few minutes of the meeting time. My work day seemed long then I had another meeting after school. I came home and took Jeff to pick up his truck. I finally came home and tried to rest for a few minutes but it just didn't work. Jeff had put a roast in the pressure cooker but it got in late so we ate later than I wanted to. 

Now for the good stuff! My project today is A True Friend from R & R Reproductions. I got this project at a stitch retreat. It was a secondary project and I just didn't get to it. It even came with a lovely green frame. It's a sweet project and one I'd like to see finished. It's another casualty of one of my annual starts. Currently I have all of the green stitched so there's not that much more to finish it. I really should just add it to the rotation and finish it!

A True Friend.....
R & R Reproductions
48 x 64
32 ct American Chestnut linen
DMC Floss

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

Laura :)


  1. Yikes... a doozy of a day, but that is a really nice piece and maybe a week or less to finish?

    1. You know, you could be right! I should just keep it out and maybe I'll have a January finish after all! Thanks for the idea, Tiff.

    2. It could work, there's not many colour changes. :) Good luck!