Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January 24, 2017 - Lavenderblue

I'm tired. Jeff and I went to Healthy Lifestyle/Nutrition class again tonight. It's a great class and we're learning so much. I feel better just going to class. Then, we went to Sam's to pick up some things we need to implement changes in our diet. Not too much, we've done a pretty good job thus far. It was just a few things new and replenishing some things. 

Anyway, I'm home now and pulled the first project I came to. It's a change for me. It's more of a needlepoint type project. It's on canvas and uses perle cotton and Caron Watercolours. I bought this several years ago at a shop Debbie took Nancy and me to visit in Bolivar, MO. We had a lovely day and came home with several great projects. I wanted to work on this one immediately because, of course, it is PURPLE! I even found purple canvas to stitch it on. It uses so many gorgeous colors. I love how it looks. My problem with this one is that it has to be stitched on a frame and I just don't enjoy it. It's difficult for me to sit in my recliner and work on it. For a little while I took it to Thursday night stitching with Nancy at the library and made some good progress. Then something else came along that caught my interest more. This is now part of the the stitch list for the first half of February. We'll see if it gets any of my attention. 

Lavenderblue Celtic Knot Quilt
From Nancy's Needle
192 x 192
#18 Lavender Canvas
Caron Collection Watercolours 
DMC #5 Perle Cotton

I've been stitching more often so I'd say this blog is doing it's job! It's great to be inspired by one's own projects!! LOL

Laura :)


  1. The "real life" picture is way prettier than the one on the package! From here the colors look like mauve, rather than purple, and are gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Pat. The colors are wonderful. Maybe I'll manage to make some more progress.