Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Top Five Tuesday - Time Related Charts

Happy Tuesday! If you haven't seen Top Five Tuesdays before, pop over to Kate's blog and check it out.   I will admit I was a little stumped with my stash when I started thinking about time related charts. I took a slightly different approach and I like what I've come up with. They are all pieces I've stitched so I'm showing my final projects. 

1. Rocky Mountain Christmas - Marty Bell - Pegasus Designs

Christmas is a time of year. That's how I qualified this one. I really LOVE this design. I wanted to stitch it for so long. I have participated in online chats for more than 20 years. In one group, I said how much I wanted to stitch this and my chatmates all supported me so much that they agreed to stitch it as well. There were about 6 or 7 of us that started this. At this point, I think 2 or 3 of us have finished it.

2. Key West Sampler - Brightneedle Designs

I'm sure looking at this project it won't be obvious why I think it works as a time related piece. However, if you enlarge the picture, you'll see that starting next to the top border and continuing down the right side, I've personalized it to commemorate the TIME I went on my first cruise. It lists the names of my sister and sister-in-law, the ports and dates. One of them was Key West. I was so happy to have a good excuse to stitch this!

3. Snow Days - Mirabilia Designs

Okay, Snow Days are definitely time related. I love the swirls and sparkles in this project. It takes me back to those times as a child when Mom would come in and let me know it was a snow day. Oh the joy those days brought! Sledding down the street, dumping off in the yard at the end of the street, climbing back up the hill, just to start all over again. 

4. Witch - Ewe & Eye & Friends ~ Black Sheep Club kit

Just like Christmas, Halloween is a time of year. This was such a fun, crazy stitch. The wire hair was so fun. Jeff helped to do that. He also went to the backyard and pulled pieces to make the hanger. It's good to have a supportive husband!

5. Millennium Sampler - Shepherd's Bush

This was an obvious choice for me. The millennium was such a unique thing to have happen during my lifetime. I'm so happy I found a wonderful chart to commemorate it. The bands were so fun to work. Shepherd's Bush is one of my favorites for a very good reason!

So, that's my list. Maybe not quite what was expected, but it's definitely my take on it! I don't actually know if I own anything with a clock on it. 


  1. Great list and nice that it's all things you've stitched too!

    1. Thanks Tiff! I still need to go check out the other TFT posts.

  2. Great post! We did take different approaches, didn't we?

    1. Thanks! Yep, we did. I think that's what makes this so fun.

  3. What beautiful finishes :) I am IN LOVE with Snow days!

    1. Thanks Kate! I had fun looking at my walls and deciding which ones to use. Snow Days is an older Mirabilia chart. I changed the color of the spots around the border. I liked the bluish color better than the brighter aqua as charted. It's not a huge piece and it was fun to stitch.