Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 7, 2017

I Come to the Garden Alone
Trinity Designs
56 x 222

This is today's project. It's one I really love. My Mom and Dad loved this song. Mom would be working in the kitchen, singing. Dad would come in from outdoors and join in. It was sweet to hear their voices gently singing this sweet hymn. Their faith was very real, almost tangible part of their lives. My own faith developed due in large part to their care and encouragement. 

I've already stitched this once as a gift for my brother. I changed the initials band to include both of my parents' initials. My sister got to deliver the present for me. She told me it made him cry. What a lovely reaction. 

I plan to stitch this for myself. This sweet sampler only has three floss colors. It's fun to play with color combinations to decide how mine will look. I've thought of using their favorite colors. Mom loved RED and Dad's favorite was BLUE (I think. Nancy, if you read this you could chime in here.)
I could stitch it with a patriotic theme. It would be very striking in that theme. 

I love the memories this evokes. I smile every time I see this verse. As I'm sitting here, the hymn is gently playing through my mind...

Have a lovely day! I hope you have a moment to enjoy a beautiful memory today, too. 

Laura :)


  1. Nice memories with this one, only the photo link isn't working for me. :(