Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 25, 2017

Where My Heart Blooms
Blackbird Designs
146 x 139

This was the first Loose Feathers pattern of 2008. It's where the Blackbird ladies announced there would be a special bonus sampler made of the parts of their design for the year. I have that project started and I'm loving it. I think I will, one day, enjoy stitching this pattern as well. It has several elements I really enjoy. I think I maybe want the reds to be a little more blue-red instead of the rust-red. That's just a personal preference. What would you think about changing the house color? I like the salt box feel but maybe in a buttery yellow instead. Or a soft grey-blue? I just want to tweak the colors a smidge. 

I've been stitching for the last two nights on an over-1 section of my project. It was only 9 words but it took me two nights to get it stitched. I looked and there's more over-1 to come. It seems to take me forever! I do like how the project is turning out and I'm excited to see it through quickly. 

I'm so thrilled that all this blogging is keeping my stitching mojo going. I've been making good progress so far this year. I'm approaching the difficult time of year for me. I've got to keep the momentum going. So far, so good!

Laura :)

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