Saturday, April 1, 2017

April 1, 2017

Berry Patch Rabbit
Cedar Hill
88 x 88

Today's project is another one that has been in my stash for a very long time. I drooled over the shop model at the Old Mill Stitchery for such a long time. Finally I decided I had to have it. I know it looks like they've used white linen, but it's actually 28ct Sea Fog linen from R & R Reproductions. Whatever the mill had used was a lovely green. I purchased a piece from them and they told me to buy RIT Tan dye and spritz it onto the fabric to give it the movement that I wanted. I've kept the note with the instructions but haven't ever bought the dye or tackled the fabric. At this point, I probably have something lovely in my stash that would work well. I can always use the green linen for something else. 

This is another relatively small project. I've had it for so long, it would seem that it should be time to put this into rotation. The next thing to tackle is that it's done mostly in DMC floss but the pattern calls for several blended flosses so I think more overdyed flosses could work better. I'll just have to choose fabric and do a floss toss to choose the final colors. I enjoy personalizing my colors so this should be an enjoyable process. 

Have I told you yet how much I like to stitch bunnies? This one is realistic enough for me to be totally appealing. Green fabric, bunny, overdyed floss...I'm getting an urge to stitch this one sooner rather than later. 

My April Fools' Day didn't hold much in the way of surprises. How did you all fare?

Happy Stitching, 

Laura :)


  1. You have so much lovely stash Laura, I'm sure this one will hop into the rotation soon.

    1. Thank you, Kerry! I think that's why it all makes me so insane. I have so many nice things and not enough me time to get them all stitched! LOL