Friday, April 14, 2017

April 14, 2017

Spring Time
Mosey 'n Me
45 x 95

I have Claire to thank for this pattern. I saw her post and thought this was such a sweet pattern. She kindly sent it to me. I had every intention of stitching it immediately. But, alas, my intentions were better than my follow through and so it still remains in my stash. 

This was a teaching piece. It has some fun stitches: Herringbone Rectangle, Square Eyelet, Tall Crossed Cross, Satin Stitch with Mitered Corners, Slanted Satin Stitch, Star Stitch surrounded by Couching, Oblong Tied Cross, Crossed Gobelin, Tall Long Armed Cross, Triple Rice Stitch, and Half Round Eyelet. It was stitched on 18 ct linen, however, I plan to stitch it on a smaller count fabric. I haven't read all of the directions so I'm not sure if it's stitched over 1 or over 2. I will probably use 28 or 32 ct linen and will stitch over 2 threads. 

I'm also thinking I'll choose some overdyed flosses for at least part of the pattern. I would like the variations in the floss for at least parts of this project. 

So, the plan is still to stitch this. I just need time in my rotation to make it a WIP.

Laura :)


  1. Ooh all those speciality stitches sound amazing.

    1. That's what I thought!! AND, Frank topped it off with a bunny! Perfect for me.

  2. Hi Laura, this is a lovely pattern, just the type I like with different embroidery stitches. Thank you for commenting on my blog, your mail shows as `no reply´

    1. Thanks, Sheryl! I actually thought I had already replied to you. So sorry that it has taken so long to do so. I don't know how to change my mail preferences. I'm not very good at this blogging stuff yet!!