Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10, 2017

Good Eggs
The Trilogy

I had been working on another smallish project. It wasn't going well. The linen is uneven count so what should have been a square was coming out as a rectangle. The fabric color wasn't what I would have chosen either. All in all I just wasn't happy with it. So, yesterday I decided to set it aside until I can restart on something that will make me happier. I pulled out a different project. I worked off and on all day. Isn't it cute? I like the Natural linen except that the little white spots all through the project don't really show up. My 7th finish for the year. 

Spring Sampler
Sisters and Best Friends

Oh, I love this crazy rabbit! I'm not sure if I will stitch this with the alphabet or without. Sometimes a silly bunny is just the ticket for me. My sampler would be a little different size. Their samplers were stitched on 18ct over 2 and 25ct over 1. Most likely mine would be 28ct over 2 on some pretty color. Any votes? I have a lot of fabric to choose from!

Laura :)


  1. Great finish! Very cute rabbit, maybe something spring-like, yellow or green?

    1. Thanks Tiff! It came out cuter than the picture. I really like it. I like the yellow idea. I'm usually a green fabric stitcher, but I know I'd have to watch the green check border. Alphabet or no?

    2. I don't stitch alphabets much myself, but that one is a fun font. :)