Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April 12, 2017

I'll start today with another little update. I've been working on Quaker Fantasies 2017 SAL by Aury TM. This piece has always felt a little like Moroccan tiles to me so I chose teals and golds to mimic that feel. This is January ~ February ~ March. The April section goes up the right side to join the top and bottom. I'll start on the next section tomorrow. I do still want to add beads to the peacocks eyes. 

Today's chart is Baubles ~ April from SamSarah. I think it's a sweet little chart. I got this chart from Katie. She has already stitched it. She even left me the rest of her fabric. The only problem is I could stitch the eggs but if I added the single stitches in the next row of boxes, I would be to the outer border. Maybe I just need to stitch this without the outliers. It would make a very cute pincushion!

Laura :)


  1. Can I ask how much the SAL is? I've seen that there's a specific group for it but I can't find anything that mentions a price

    1. I think it was $10. I like the overall piece. People are choosing great color combinations

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Kerry. It was fun to choose colors.