Friday, April 14, 2017

Top Five Tuesdays - Things to Accompany Your Stitching

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This is actually a Friday night post. I haven't had a chance to catch up on this before now. So, this is a picture from my vantage point in my stitching spot on the sofa. I have my top 5 necessities for home stitching with me. 

1. My afghan: I asked my mom for a pink afghan several years ago. She chose the pinks and managed to crochet the tightest afghan ever. It is wonderfully cozy without getting too hot. 

2. My big brown cup: I fill this up with water and start working. A girl's gotta stay hydrated!

3. My purple lap desk: This is a must for me when stitching at home. Poor thing is broken up a bit, but it's still functional. 

4. Clamp: It holds patterns, floss, and sometimes this special heart needle magnet from my sister, Nancy. 

5. Bunny needle magnet: I have one needle magnet on my lap desk and a whole host of others on the floor lamp stand next to me. I love looking at my goodies. 

6. Okay, I know it was supposed to just be 5 but I can't end this list without mentioning a couple of other things. You can see in the picture my lovely Gingher scissors. This is my first pair of Ginghers, gifted to me by my family when I began to do cutwork. I love them! Attached to them is the first scissors fob I made. I went to the bead shop, chose some gorgeous beads and sat down to work. The shop owner helped me with parts of it, but I did most of the work to create it. This is still my favorite fob I've made. It's eclectic and quirky, just like me!

So, that's it! My top 6 favorite stitching things! 

Laura :)


  1. Thanks for guessing the Mystery Easter Phrase! You are a no-reply commenter but if you answer this by email I'll have your email address for future comments!
    Your stitchy spot looks very organised!

    1. Jo, is that a setting I need to change on my site? Thanks for hosting the blog hop. I really enjoyed it!