Monday, April 3, 2017

Top 5 Tuesday ~ Top 5 Things that Make Me Laugh

So, this one is taking me a little longer. I had a pretty rough weekend so I've really had to think long and hard about what makes me laugh. 

1. Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich: I LOVE these books. Jeff enjoys having me read them when the house is quiet. He loves to hear me belly laugh at all her silly antics. I can just picture these things happening. 

“...I blink back the threat of tears, swiped at my nose and narrowed my eyes. "Listen to me, you two bags of monkey shit, "I yelled. "I am not in a good mood. My car keeps stalling. The day before yesterday I threw up on Joe Morelli. I was called a fat cow by my ex-husband. And if that isn't hair is ORANGE! ORANGE, FOR CHRISSAKE! And now you have the gall to force yourself into my home and threaten my hamster. Well, you have gone too far. You have crossed the line!” 
― Janet EvanovichThree to Get Deadly

2. This video from a long time ago: Cooper Loves Ice Cream

3. My sister, Nancy, and I getting slap happy. 

We were on a trip together recently. On the way home I was commenting on what color fabric I should use and said I didn't really see anything at the shop we had just been to. Nancy commented that I should have gotten the red fabric for the project (LHN's Silent Night). Of course, I couldn't just disagree. I had to say something like, "Oh, yeah. Bloody Silent Night!" in my growliest voice possible. We dissolved into such hysterics, I thought we were going to have to pull off the road to settle down. Even better, Jeff called during the whole thing and I made some crazy reference to it while Nancy and I were still laughing hysterically. This, of course, got Jeff laughing too. We were hurting so badly!!

4. This student at school. 

I work with ELL students. (English Language Learners) There's nothing wrong with them. They simply have someone at home speaking another language with them so they sometimes need a little extra help making sense of things. During a test, we can only give so much help. A student read a passage to me. I said, "Do you know what this word 'wages' means?"
He said, "No." 
I said, "What does Mrs. Shelley get for working with you?"
He said, in all seriousness, "A headache?"

I thought I might need a change of clothes!

5. Oh, Katie will get her revenge on me for this one, but it's a classic. 

When Katie was little, she was dancing around singing and came to the end of the song:

"I'm Madeline, 
I'm Madeline, 
and inside I'm BEEF!"

See what happens when a 4ish little one tries to decipher a French accent? Oh my gosh, it has me giggling just thinking about it!!

So, I don't know if this is exactly what Kate had in mind but I've certainly enjoyed thinking about the silliness in my life! Thanks,Kate! I needed that. 

Laura :)


  1. Love your list! Blood Silent Night sounds awesome...

    1. Oh my gosh, Tiff! I laughed so hard. Nancy and I can't even look at each other once we get going or we'll just burst out laughing all over again!!