Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

Rabbit Run
Chessie & Me
75 x 75

Oh, I've had this in my stash since it came out. Love those bunnies! They call this a cushion. I call it an 8-sided biscornu-in-waiting. I'm just sure I can make that work. So, I suppose the only thing to do is stitch it up and give it a try! Anyway, I really like this cushion. I might even be convinced to stitch the little carrot fob. I bet I could stitch and finish it all in one day. What a cutie!

I also have a finish! I pulled out one of my little kits and stitched it right up. It's Rabbit Roundabout by HIHN. I started very late on the evening of April 1 and finished April 2. So quick and fun. Finish #6 for the year for me!

Laura :)


  1. Great bunny stitch. The Cush-cornu! is really cute

    1. Thanks! That bunny was so fast. Cush-cornu! That's perfect. LOL

  2. Great finish and neat project idea.