Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 11, 2017

Let me start off today with a floss toss. What do you think? I'm not giving up the secret of the chart yet, but these are the colors I'll be using. The fabric is a leftover piece of 32ct Carnival linen from Picture This Plus. There's so much color in this part of the fabric. I love it! I originally had the fabric turned around but decided the deeper color should be at the bottom instead of the top of the project. I'll be starting it very soon. It's another of my small projects. 

Hare Ribbons
Donna Heath Brooks 
Leisure Arts Leaflet 2069

There are two sweet bunnies! The projects are titled Hare Ribbons (113 x 88) and Hare Net (114 x 74). These would make such a cute pair of framed projects to hang together. I'm picturing them on a nice, light color. Think pale blue or pale green or pale yellow. Maybe even a pale pink. I think the possibilities are endless. I'll probably incorporate some overdyed flosses. The basket and hat could definitely use them. 

So, even though I've had this pattern forever, I still think I want to keep it in my stash and stitch these beauties someday. 

More tomorrow!

Laura :) 


  1. Lovely autumnal colours in your floss toss

    1. Hmmm...not an Autumn project, though! hehehe More to come soon.

  2. The floss toss looks good! Those colours show up well. Interesting chart too. :)

    1. Thanks! I like the combination of floss and fabric. It should make it very interesting. I've started and like what's showing so far.