Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 18, 2017

Spring Fobs
Heart in Hand Needleart

This is the last pattern in the current pouch. So, tomorrow I'll be on to a different genre of patterns. I'm sure you're all ready for me to show you something other than bunnies. I really like this little set of needlework accessories. As you can see, I've already stitched one of the little fobs. I actually stitched the carrot as a gift several years ago. I think that's probably when I stitched the little basket fob. I want to stitch the whole set. There's plenty of fabric there. It's just a nice Edinburgh (36ct) linen. So, again, it should be added to my WIPs and stitched!! 

Laura :)


  1. Is there only one more design to stitch? Then definitely you should add it to the WIPs to have the complete set stitched.

    1. There are two. There's the small carrot fob and the needleroll. Both could probably be finished in a relatively short amount of time.