Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 30, 2017

Secret Garden
Blackbird Designs

Okay, I have a confession. I'm a little obsessed with these stitched strawberries. I haven't made any yet. I'm not sure how I'd do with the finishing, but I'm a little obsessed. I think I probably need to pull one of my many patterns out and stitch one! I like this box cover, too. I think it would make a good pin cushion as well. 

I've been playing with the cat today. Tonight we played games again. It was a wonderfully fun time. So, I'm sneaking this post in just under the wire. 

Looking forward to a great week!
Laura :)


  1. Nice choice, and of course you need to take time to play with your cat. :)

    1. We're bonding quite nicely! I really do want to stitch a basketful of strawberries.