Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 20, 2017

Plum Street Samplers
100 x 104

Happy Thursday! So, I've started today getting calls from medical professionals. I'm having a colonoscopy tomorrow. I did not get good instructions and had already had about half of an omelet before they called and told me I was not to eat at all today. It should be a fun day. :( My procedure is tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll see a little weight loss from a day of fasting???

My project today is a companion piece to yesterday's project. When I bought these two patterns, I thought I might stitch them together on one piece of fabric. I thought it would be cute to have them facing each other. I would have to figure out how to make the two projects mesh. Now I'm thinking that maybe I'll just stitch them individually and frame them in the same way. Crazy cute patterns, I'm sure I'll enjoy stitching them!

Laura :)

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