Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017

Rites of Spring
Blackbird Designs
173 x 93

Today's project is full of elements I enjoy stitching, birds, flowers, fun border. It's even colors I like. However, it isn't a pattern I really like. I've held this in my stash to keep the full set of Loose Feathers patterns. Now I'm not sure I could see myself stitching it. 

Do you ever have that happen? A pattern is full of colors and elements you usually enjoy and it just doesn't call to you? As I get older, I'm less willing to work on something I don't think will fit me. 

My mother would have been 94 today. It's the little things I miss. I miss calling her and chatting about everything and nothing. I miss picking her up to run errands, knowing that it will mean going out for a meal, or at least an ice cream cone. I miss seeing what crazy color combination she's working with to create her latest afghan. I miss her, more than I ever knew I would. If your mother is still living, give her a hug from me. Enjoy your time together, even if she annoys you to pieces. Make time for her. Don't miss out. Make good memories. In the end, they're what you're left with. I'm glad I have some good memories to recall. 

Laura :)

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