Saturday, January 7, 2017

January 7, 2017

Good Morning! I hope the weekend finds you all in good spirits. I had a weird week with starting back to school and then a snow day. 

Today I will go to the rehire party for my 2nd job. I used to call it my summer job but since it will effectively be a 10 month job, it's more fair to change my terminology. It's always exciting to go back and see friends from years past. I can feel my energy tingling thinking about another season. 

I thought I'd start with a photo update of Glory in the Morning. Since I posted that I had stitched a little more, I thought I'd show my tiny progress. Check out that bee, he's just so cute!

Today's project pull produced a bag full of floral designs. Some are started. Some are just being drooled over and still in the planning stages. The first one in the bag, however, has a lot of work already put into it! It's A Very Fine Sampler - Birds of a Feather. I first discovered this as a shop model on the walls of the Old Mill Stitchery in Libery, MO. 

{A side note: Last summer the building was sold and the shop closed. It was the end of a shop that had been open for 29 years. Such a sad thing to lose a great shop.} 

Their model was stitched without the verse at the bottom. I liked that idea and decided I would do the same thing. I chose a nice piece of linen from R & R Reproductions, bought all the WDW floss and then the project sat for a long time just waiting to be started. I did finally start then stalled then worked some more on it. I've made really good progress. I just need to make time to put it back into rotation and finish it. My next decision is regarding what I'll put above the floral design. I kind of like the verse and I could include my name and the year I finish it. That would shorten the space above the design by one row - not a big deal. Otherwise, I would stitch the alphabets and could maybe include my personalization in the the number row which is another good option. What do you all think? 

I love the whimsy of this design. It just seems so peaceful and sweet. I like the butterflies flitting around and the tiny houses with topiary type trees next to them. All the green leaves and vines, the quirky flowers and the 'missing' stitches make this an especially nice project. As you can tell, this is a project I have every intention of finishing. I need to put it on my list and get busy!

A Very Fine Sampler
Birds of a Feather
190w x 269h as designed
190w x 210h without verse
30ct Sheep's Straw linen from R & R Reproductions
Weeks Dye Works flosses
no start date

Have a stitchy weekend!



  1. A very fun choice. I'm not a huge fan of alphabets, so I'd do the verse. However, if you have an idea of where this might go when it's finished, maybe that will help your decision. Definitely personalize it! My local LNS closed after many years as well... so sad.

    1. Tiff, I've been thinking that I'd like the verse to be added because it has the title of the project. My daughter laughs about alphabets because she seems to stitch a lot of projects with them. She looks through her stash trying to find something without words.