Saturday, January 28, 2017

January 28, 2017

Happy Weekend! I'm happy to have made it through. I'm sitting in my lounging jammies looking out at a bright, sunny day. It's cold outside, but the sun is trying to convince me otherwise. I decided to write early today so I could get busy stitching and have a weekend of progress. I think I'm working on Quaker Fantasies 2017 SAL first. I need to finish it so I'll be ready for the next section. I want to get back to my Butterflies, though, because I've been putting in a lot of stitching time on it and it's going really well. I should have a finish soon if the current progress rate continues. 

I was chatting online this morning and realized I have several more WIPs I haven't even seen yet! It's a little scary to think how many projects I have started. And yet, I'm thinking of starting another large project very soon. I would just need to find the fabric to work on since it's larger than a fat quarter. The piece is 205w x 467h. On 32 ct fabric with a 3" border, I would need my fabric to be 19" x 36". I know I don't have anything that large currently in my stash. I did see a really gorgeous piece on Silkweaver Facebook sales that will work well if I can buy 2 pieces that are uncut. Each piece is 18" x 32" if I remember correctly. Crossing my fingers while waiting for Kevin to answer!

On to today's project. It's Favorite Things from A Needle & Fred. I like this one so much I bought it twice! I'm stitching on 28ct Blackcurrant Wine Jobelan from Polstitches Designs. The color is fabulous but it's Jobelan - an evenweave. We all know how I feel about almost anything other than linen, right? So, that's strike number 1. Then I pulled the threads it called for. While in theory I like them, I'm not really enjoying that Peach Ice Cream as my first block. It made me put the piece down and move on to something else. That's strike number 2. I still like these quirky flowers and want to see it finished. It's just going to be a struggle to get past this first box. February will hopefully see me work on this one. I do not want a third strike! I want this to be stitched and finished so I can look at it often. 

Favorite Things
A Needle & Fred
77h x 148w
28ct Blackcurrant Wine Jobelan from Polstitches Designs
GAST and WDW floss as charted

It kind of looks like a butterfly at this point, right? I'm off to stitch! Hopefully it will be a great weekend. I hope you all have good progress as well. Send me your pictures. I'd love to see what you're working on. 

Laura :)


  1. Hmm, I feel almost exactly opposite to evenweave. I love it and have a lot more trouble with linen. I wish I had a purple piece to send you, but I think I only have charcoal gray and cream in linen. It's a really fun project, is it worth restarting?

    1. Tiff, I understand. We stitchers definitely have our own opinions about our supplies. I suppose that's what makes it so fun to see everyone's projects. I won't restart it. I'll keep working at it and finish. The fabric is too yummy to toss aside.

  2. I did it Laura! I found your blog and I just became your newest follower. Lovely blog you have and your stitching is beautiful!

    1. Yea! Welcome, Linda and thank you for your kind words. I'm still a small blog because I hadn't posted anything for a few years. Hopefully I'll pick up some steam now that I'm writing regularly.