Friday, January 20, 2017

January 20, 2017

Oh my goodness! I nearly missed posting today. As it stands, I have about 35 minutes to write, proof and publish this post. I was trying to wait until my husband wasn't watching what I'm doing because today's project is for him. 

Jeff and I celebrated our 30th anniversary last April. We had planned to take a family cruise later in the summer to celebrate the event. I had plans to make a few gifts for him. Then, his health got in the way. He's having problems with his hip and so far hasn't gotten a clear diagnosis of the issue. The only thing that has been agreed upon is that he needs to lose a significant amount of weight. Then, either the issue will resolve itself because of the weight loss or he'll be a surgical candidate. 

Anyway, we had to postpone the trip. I lost steam on everything. It just took all of my momentum and put me at a standstill. I managed to finish one project. It's an idea I got from Pinterest. I drew my hand and then inserted bands with love quotes. It came out great and made a unique gift for Jeff for our anniversary. 

I still have another craft project to finish. And then there's today's blog subject. I saw A Good Marriage - Lizzie Kate being stitched by some online friends. I really liked it so I decided to buy the kit and make it for an anniversary gift. It didn't start as well as I hoped. I definitely struggled. I finally made an adjustment and managed to get through my first row and start on the second. That's where I stalled when we canceled the trip. Now it's 3 months until our anniversary and I'm having trouble picturing this one as a finish in time for the event. I still love the sentiment expressed in the design. So, here it is. My progress thus far. 

A Good Marriage
Lizzie Kate
110w x 195h
32ct Light Chino linen - R & R Reproductions
overdyed flosses as kitted

Such beautiful colors and so sweet. ::sigh:: Another one that just needs some love. Why do I have to sleep?

Laura :)


  1. Oh, Laura! Has your husband seen the Love Bands one? If. Not, I think you should give only that one gift to him! It's sooo special! I wouldn't want it to be hidden in a crowd of gifts--it's magnificent and deserves to be the one and only gift for your One and Only. You can give other gifts to him at other times...this one is too superb to be just one in the crowd.

    1. Thanks, Patricia! This was actually the one gift I did give him last year on our 30th anniversary. He really loved it. He even teared up. Hopefully the cross stitch piece will be finished this year. If not, maybe I'll hold it off until 35. That would give me plenty of time to not stress and get it ready for him. The final gift is an altered book scrapbooking project. It seems to take a long time for me to get my pages together. I just want them to be wonderful and express my deep affection for my husband.

  2. Oh no, that's so sad about having to cancel the trip. I don't know if this will help him at all, but I've had mild hip issues since I was a kid. Since I started taking fish oil they've been much better. I also have a latex mattress, which is a dream to sleep on. They've gone up in price insanely, so possibly a latex topper might help him out too?

    I love Good Marriage as well, it is beautiful. Maybe if you can concentrate on a letter a night? Or a strand a night to get there?

    1. Tiff, thanks for the tips for Jeff's hip. I'll see if I can get him to try the fish oil and we'll check into a latex mattress. We're trying to get into some aqua classes to exercise without the weight on his hip. Hopefully that will help, too.

      I should probably try to work on it a little each week. My biggest problem is to find time without him seeing it.