Thursday, January 19, 2017

January 19, 2017

I got to go stitch with my sister, Nancy, tonight. We used to have a standing Thursday night cross stitch date every week. We hit a stretch where it just wasn't working out. This is probably the first time we've stitched together in several months. It was fun, as usual. We chat and stitch and just have a nice time spending a couple of hours together. 

So, since I spent the evening with Nancy, it seems only fitting that I write about a pattern she gave me. Nancy followed Teresa Smith's blog and entered a contest to name a pattern. She was quite surprised to find out she had won. Her prize was a copy of the pattern. It's not really Nancy's style but she knew I would really love it so she gifted it to me. I don't think she had read any of the details of the project. This thing is HUGE! Well, at least it's really long. I had to buy a custom piece of fabric. Thank goodness I thought about it when a LNS had a fabric sale. I was able to get a nice linen at a severely discounted price. Then the floss I thought I would use just wouldn't work so I went on the hunt again. It's only one floss color so I settled on a great floss from Threadworx. It looks great against the fabric. I've stitched one motif and started on another. Much, much more progress needed!!

Motif Musings
T A Smith Designs
116h x 648w
28ct linen (greyish)
Threadworx floss 1140
1 strand over 2 threads

Aren't sisters great?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Laura :)

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