Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January 4, 2017

Hi all! Today's project is Cotillion from Papillon Creations. I've chosen 32ct Twilight linen from Picture This Plus and flosses from Vikki Clayton threads. Again, I can't give a start date but I'm pretty sure it was started during one of my infamous January starts. 

For those of you who don't know, I did an annual stash dive and purge for a number of years. During the dive I would choose projects to work on during the upcoming year. Then I would decide whether I was going to start all or only some of the chosen projects. Some years I would have so many projects it would take me the entire month of January to start them all! The thing is, I really don't like starting new projects. Or rather, I don't like pulling all of the supplies to start a new project. I don't know what it is. Too many decisions to be made? Fear of choosing the 'wrong' colors? Anyway, starting a whole bunch of projects at one time seemed like a great idea. It has also produced an excessively high number of WIPs. 

As I look at this project, I do like the colors against the fabric and the pattern is still interesting to me. So, my conclusion is that I should keep it and hope to be able to add it to my rotation sometime soon. Do you have any projects like this? 

So, here's my start:


Thanks for reading. Happy Stitching!

Laura :)

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