Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 18, 2017

I woke this morning to fog, fog, FOG! It was very pea-soupish around here. It makes such a very unusual feeling. Near isolation, looking for others trying to navigate safely. By afternoon it had burned off and was sunny. Crazy swings of weather in January!

I found a gorgeous project for today. It's Winter Peace from Sisters and Best Friends. I have all four of the patterns in this series. I tried and tried to come up with a plan for stitching them but couldn't find anything that worked for all four. I've finally come up with a plan to stitch each one on a piece of 40 ct dyed linen from Silkweaver. I love the combinations I've come up with. I just need to get busy and stitch them! It seems I write a similar sentence on nearly every entry. I think I may have a problem. 

Hi. I'm Laura and I'm a cross stitch addict. 

::sigh:: There are many worse things I could be, right? I just need more time to stitch. Of course, maybe I just need to win the lottery and then I could retire early and have the time I need to stitch more. A girl can dream, right?

Winter Peace
Sisters and Best Friends
59w x 115h
40 ct Periwinkle Mist Newcastle linen
Overydyed flosses

Happy Stitching!

Laura :)


  1. I think we all have that dream. :) Lovely choices on this one and if you have them all kitted or at least decided, then that means you can save time when you're ready to work on them since they're ready to go.

    1. It's a good dream, isn't it? Thanks! I really love the blue with this one. I have some lovely fabrics chosen for the other seasons. I just hope they work out as well as this one.