Thursday, January 5, 2017

January 5, 2017

Woo Hoo! Five whole days I've remembered to do this process! How many days to establish a habit? I am working on other things as well. I'm trying to increase my activity and get healthier. The biggest project is the total house decluttering we've started. We're in the kitchen this week. Brendan (our son) and I spent just about 15 minutes this morning decluttering a counter top. (It's a snow day so we're home from school.)  It's the coffee station area. It had just been cluttered with 2 coffee makers and all sorts of cups, carafes, car cups and miscellany. It's just amazing how much better it feels to just get one counter area under control. Imagine how good it will feel when they're all done! 

Anyway, on to today's project! I have chosen a really special one for today. It's Glory in theMorning by Crossed Wing Collection. A LNS has had it hanging as a shop model for several years. I drooled over it and sighed over it and put it on my wish list. My family (thanks Katie!) ordered the pretty fabric and gave the whole thing to me as a gift. I started it while on an apartment hunting trip to Ohio with Katie, feeling quite optimistic. It's 507 x 138 but I figured I would work on it a little bit at a time and have it stitched in a reasonable amount of time. As lovely and large as the pattern is, my major issue with it is that they printed about 2/3 of a horizontal section on the vertical left page and 1/3 on the vertical right page. There's no overlap so it's tedious to keep track of it all. Why in the world didn't they just turn the paper and print it on a horizontal page? It would probably have been just as many pages but there wouldn't have been the break to mess with. Yes, I know I can trim the pages and tape them together but why couldn't they have done it? Also, I don't think about doing this process until I'm already seated and ready to stitch. ::sigh:: Silly problem, right? I think I'll take care of this today. Who knows? Maybe I'll be inspired to work on it more often!

Glory in the Morning
Crossed Wing Collection
507 H x 138 W
28ct Hand Dyed Linen from CWC
DMC Flosses
Started July, 2012
Finished ????

Thanks again for hanging in there with me. I've enjoyed this so far! More rediscoveries coming soon!

Happy Stitching!

Laura :)

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