Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 29, 2017

Quaker Easter Egg
Bent Creek
64 x 80

I can remember the day I bought this. It was during one of the shop hops. Jeff drove me out to Two The Point. I looked around for a little while and, along with a few other things, bought this chart. I really like Quaker motifs. Also, the message on this egg is wonderful. Spring is my favorite season and Easter has my favorite hymns of the year. 

I will look for the charted floss colors in my stash, but I'll substitute if I don't have them. This might still be small enough to qualify as a 'smalls' to go in my upcoming smalls week. 

It's a busy time of year for me. I'm starting to work at my second job. I've been working for a couple of months but the amount of scheduled time is about to increase substantially. That will mean less stitching time. I need to make sure I keep my mojo in full force and my WiPs moving forward. I've made such good progress I don't want to stop now. 

Until later!
Laura :)


  1. What a lovely chart. looking forward to seeing progress with it.

    1. Thanks! I get very frustrated that all these lovely things are in my stash and I just don't have the time to get to them!! LOL

  2. I think spring is a bad time for my stitchy mojo too, but I'm not sure why...probably because of the April A to Z, but since I'm not doing it this year, I don't have that excuse and will need to find another one!

    Don't worry though, we'll be here to support you!

    1. I think I just want to be more active so I spend less time in my stitching seat. I wasn't familiar with the A to Z challenge but I went out and googled it and found it. Is there one you do that is stitching themed? It sounded like it could definitely be time consuming!!