Monday, March 20, 2017

March 19, 2017

NOTE: ACK! My post didn't get sent yesterday so I'm sending it along today. 

The Bunny Collection
JBW Designs

I love bunnies! I think I've mentioned this multiple times. ;) This pattern is such a cutie because it has 5 different bunny patterns inside. It gives cute ideas to make it a birth announcement, too. I think I'll probably just finish them all as pincushions and display them every year for Easter. They're all 54 - 58 wide by 38 - 40 high. They would be very quick to stitch. Maybe I'll get one stitched this year???

Laura :)


  1. You could aim at stitching one for Easter each year for a bit and then they'll all be done soon. :) Nice leaflet.

    1. Good idea, Tiff! They're just so cute!