Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6, 2017

Another late night update. I seem to be posting later and later. Time just slips away and my evening is gone before I know it. 

My project today is from a stitch retreat. I love going to these retreats. It's so fun to see what everyone is working on and renew and establish friendships. I know that not everyone will like the projects each time. I went to the retreat from the same group for several years. For most of those years, our project had a house as the central design element. I don't particularly like houses in my designs. I know I stitch several of them but they're just not what I generally look for in a design. I looked back through my blog entries and I have a house as the central motif in one design and one more project that has tiny houses in it. So, it was hard to go year after year and pick up these designs. That being said, I do like this design and will endeavor to pick it up and get it stitched. 

1890 House Sampler
Chessie & Me
113 x 91
32 ct Dye Pot Blend linen from R & R Reproductions
Anchor floss/Sampler Threads as charted

Sorry for the wrinkles! It has been in the pouch it came in since the retreat weekend ended. Don't you adore the little over one animals?

Laura :)

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