Thursday, February 2, 2017

February 2, 2017

Happy Groundhog Day! I hope you've had a great day. Mine was long but fun. 

I had to really dig to find today's project. I'm sure my craft room could be better organized and I would find things more readily but it's very hard in a tiny space to have everything just the way one would like it to be. I found this project that's been hanging around for  along time. I really like the design. I think it  is one of my languishing projects because it's on 40 ct Crystal linen. So, it's tiny and has sparkly bits that sometimes get in the way of stitching. I like the free form feel of the project. I'm sure I'll finish it ~ someday!

144H x 150W
40 ct Crystal Highland from Picture This Plus
Carrie's Threads - Olive, Bullfrog

Not much of a start but it is started!

Laura :)


  1. 40ct? Oh my.. It is a lovely design, but that looks like one I'd work on here and there to not go blind. :)

    1. LOL I'm quite sure that's part of my issue. Trying to count that little line of stitches to get started has been a major challenge.

  2. Lovely...reminds me of one of those old tricycles with the real huge front wheel!