Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 19, 2017

Another beautiful day here in Missouri! I'm still fighting the sick bug so I've been inside all day, stitching. I'm spending the weekend with a group of projects putting in about an hour on each one. It's similar to last weekend, but I'm using projects I've blogged about from the first half of the month. Since I eliminated one and another will be stitched by other stitchers, I have 12 projects to work with this weekend. I've stitched on 4 so far. I'm having success with this method. I feel like I get to work on some projects that might not otherwise get any time. I also spend time on projects that frustrate me and at least they get some attention, too. 

My project today came from my sister, Nancy. She originally bought the charts for this mystery sampler and then decided it just wasn't for her. So, she gifted me with them! Of course, I really like the piece. I've completed one of three charts. I absolutely want to stitch the rest of it. It also has really cute companion pieces. I'd like to stitch those at some point also. 

Very Scary
Lizzie Kate
95w x 238h
32ct Wexford linen Solo from Silkweaver
Threads as charted

Adorable, right? Definitely more to come on this one!!

Laura :)

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