Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 10, 2017

This is the Day
The Sunflower Seed
120 x 120

Some sad news today. Anita Boatright, owner and designer of the Sunflower Seed, succumbed to multiple myeloma today. She was such a dear, sweet woman, so generous with her time and talents. She had a lovely shop and I enjoyed visiting with her whenever I was there. I will miss her. 

I really like this design. It's different. I like the beautiful picture that goes with the verse. I'll have to think of what color fabric I should use. I'd normally choose blue but I'm not sure it would work well with the other elements. 

Laura :)


  1. Oh no, that is sad to hear. That is a terrible disease. My previous favourite author died from it as well. It's a beautiful design, and you're right, blue would be difficult unless it's maybe a pale blue?

    1. Tiff, it's what my mother succumbed to as well. Anita was such a neat lady.

      I just keep having visions of a sky colored background. I'll have to pull all the floss and see if it will work.