Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 Medium Projects

I've been busily stitching away at some of my larger projects since posting about them.  I worked a little on the 1890 House and have been working on Santa of the Forest for the last few days so that it's ready to be mailed to my round robin group.  I've nearly finished one of my working pages!  (Of course, the original pattern is sitting in it's baggie.  Since some of the symbols started to come off due to age and refolding, I made copies.  PLEASE obey the photocopy laws.  We have GOT to support our designers!!)   I'm currently working on putting in the wolf.  That's one section I had been avoiding but it has stitched fairly quickly so far.  

Anyway, here's what's in the Medium Projects list for the year.  They're in Jeff's order again. 

1.  Peace House - La D Da (  I love the simplicity of this project.  I even took it with me on our family cruise over New Year's only to discover that I had not chosen fabric for it yet!  Unstarted  Finished March 17, 2014!

2.  M Designs Tree Ornaments: I have stitched 2 1/2 of these trees on one piece of fabric.  I want to finish the 1/2 tree and stitch one more on the fabric I have.  Then, I have 4 other trees that I think I'll stitch individually.  WIP

3.  HummingBead Heaven - Just Nan: I've had this one in my stash for years.  I bought it The Stitchin' Post in Plano, TX that has since gone out of business.  It's a pretty sampler.  I might even stitch up the Bunny Hop Pillow Design  as shown on the project. Unstarted

4.  Snowfire Christmas - Just Nan:  This sampler is so pretty but I've just struggled with it.  It's another that I've had started in my stash for quite some time.  Maybe this is the year? WIP

5.  Uber Egg - Bent Creek:  Okay, so this one just makes me laugh.  I've chosen a beautiful purple piece of PTP 10 ct Tula and Perle Cottons, including some DMC Color Variations to stitch this one.  My colors will be slightly different but check back soon to see how this one stitches up.  Unstarted

6.  Lily of the Valley - The Drawn Thread: I've loved this project for a long time.  I bought the pattern at My Friends Count in Overland Park, KS before they closed shop.  Cynthia's flowers are always great and this pattern is no exception. Unstarted

7.  Raspberry Patch - Country Cottage Needleworks:  (4th row down, in the center)  I really enjoy stitching CCN projects.  They have great color combinations and some fun elements.  Unstarted

8.  Boris and Olga - Plum Street Samplers:    &   PSS has patterns with great whimsy.  I've decided to stitch these two facing away from each other but on the same piece of fabric pulled into one sampler.  Unstarted

9.  Seasonal Samplers - Sisters and Best Friends:  Pictured is Spring Glory but I have all 4 to be stitched.  Autumn Thanks, Summer Joy and Winter Peace.  I'm planning to stitch them separately on 40ct linen from Silkweavers in colors appropriate for the project.  Unstarted

10.  Halloween Fairy - Mirabilia from Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine several years ago.  It's pictured on this blog:  Mine is being stitched on a gorgeous 36ct solo linen from Silkweaver.  It's oranges and browns so she should just pop!  I started this as a SAL with my sister and daughter but none of us made much progress.  My problem is that I've been trying to use 2 strands of floss and that's just too much.  I have the bodice, chest and face stitched.  I will only use 2 strands on her skin and possibly her hair from here on out and stitch the rest with just 1 strand.  WIP

11.  Snowflake - M Designs:  I've had this pattern since it came out but just haven't ever started it.  After working on the trees, I decided I'd like to get this one stitched as well.  Unstarted.  

12.  Where the Blue Berries Grow - The Gathering Place: Oh, I love this project.  One of my favorite design elements is rabbits.  However, I don't go for cutesy rabbits.  This one is great!  I'm stitching mine on 40ct Ale linen from PTP using a conversion of Vikki Clayton silks.  I have the entire border stitched and am working on the leaves and berries underneath the bunny and orange square.  With a little perseverance, this could be finished this year!  WIP

13.  For the Red, White & Blue - ewe & eye & friends:  If you click on the title, a picture will pop up.  I've had this kit since the days of the Black Sheep Club.  It's older than my son!  I have a chunk of this project stitched but just never finished it.  Maybe this year?  WIP FINISHED 7/2014!!!

14.  Scissors By Any Other Name - The Cat's Whiskers:  I saw this kit and loved the idea of it.  BUT, the colors just aren't me.  So, I plan to choose my own floss and fabric combination and make it uniquely me!  Unstarted

15.  The Price of Freedom - The Sweetheart Tree:  A great patriotic sampler.  Love the bands ST puts together.  Unstarted

16.  Spring Violets - Country Cottage Needleworks: It's right next to Raspberry Patch from earlier.  Another sweet sampler that just needs to be stitched.  Unstarted

17.  Floral Reflection - Loopylou Designs:  Oh, isn't this pretty?  Claire sent me this chart and flosses several years ago for my birthday.  Gorgeous color combinations.  Unstarted

18.  A Very Fine Sampler - Birds of a Feather:  This is a shop model at my LNS and I love it.  I'm copying them and not stitching the verse and name at the bottom.  Unstarted

19.  Autumn Sampler - The Prairie Schooler:  A Round Robin group stitched the sampler on the left for me and I've started the center sampler.  I've changed the grapes and the color behind the moons to purple (can you believe it?)  I just have the alphabet  and bands plus everything above the moon row left to stitch.  Then, I'd like to stitch the sampler on the right.  These are all being stitched on one piece of fabric.  I'll have to decide whether to frame them together or separate them and frame them.  WIP ALL 3 FINISHED 7/2015!!

20.  Ladybugs and Bumblebees - Country Cottage Needleworks:  Yep, same page again.  Love how pretty this one is!  Thanks, Sis!!  Unstarted

21.  Be Not Forgetful - My Big Toe:  So, this is a verse I really like.  I've decided to choose some pretty overdyed floss in floral colors, a pretty fabric, and start stitching.  Unstarted

22.  Flower Basket - La D Da:  Just look at those colors!  I really need to stitch this one.  It has been sitting in my stash for so long.  ::sigh::  Unstarted FINISHED 5/1/2016!!!

23.  Wisteria - Indigo Rose:  another gorgeous floral.  Have you figured out yet that I've been collecting a lot of patterns with a floral theme?  The photo doesn't do this one justice.  I saw the shop model at PTP and fell in love.  Unstarted

24.  The Treasure Box - The Drawn Thread:  The only problem with this design is that I'm sure I'll feel the need to buy the box when I've finished stitching!  Unstarted

25.  Hearts & Flowers, The Violet Sampler - The Drawn Thread:  This sampler is OOP but I'm sure you could locate a photo if you searched.  Do I really need to explain this one?  It's on Dark Lavender linen and it has violets.  You do the math!  ;)  WIP

26.  Dance of the Tulips - Glendon Place:  Mmmmmm, just love how delicate this looks.  All kitted and ready to go!  Unstarted

27.  Flower Boxes - The Drawn Thread:  About 2/3 of the way down the page.  Love DT flowers! I've converted this to Crescent Colors overdyed flosses.   Unstarted

So, that's closing in on 60 projects I've pulled and I haven't even touched the 2 smaller project categories.  AND, I didn't even make a dent in my stash when I pulled all these!  My goal is to stitch from my stash and buy the supplies I need to do that.  I have yards of fabrics in such a variety that I should be able to find something suitable for (almost) anything I've listed that's unstarted.  I may need a few flosses but I have a significant amount of those as well.   Now, I'm sure there will be some patterns along the way that just beg so convincingly to come home with me that I'll have to give in, but the goal is to try to not add to the already overwhelming stash this year.  

Watch for the next 2 blogs!
Hugs and Stitches, 

Laura :)


  1. You have so many beautiful projects to work on. I will enjoy checking back to see progress pictures.

  2. Thanks Cathy! I've been stitching like crazy the last few days. I'm taking advantage of my snow days. I finished sections on 2 Round Robin projects and am currently working on Garden Flowers which just needed some floss purchased. Thanks for looking. I hope to have lots if progress this year!