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2014 List - Large Projects

So, it didn't take long to pull out the next group of projects.  If you read my previous post, you might have noticed that I chose BAP's that were all WIP's or UFO's.  Nothing new.  I just can't start another huge project without finishing something first.  However, that is not the case with my Large Projects group.  I have several WIP/UFO projects but I also have some I'd like to start this year.  In a couple of cases, I have multiple projects by a designer and just want to choose one and work on it.  I'll list the projects I've started first.

1:  1890 House Sampler - Chessie & Me This is from the 2004 Heartland Cross Stitch Stitch In.  I worked just a little of the border and then went back to whatever project I had taken along with me for the weekend.  And, I've never picked it up since.  Jeff chose this as his #1 project in this group so I think I'll try to work on it and finish it up. 

2.  Living With Charm - Lizzie Kate This is a banner style project with multiple charts.  They're single words: Dream, Love, Remember, Give, Listen, Learn, Believe, Care, Encourage, Laugh, Create, Live!  I originally started this when my mother died so I struggle to work on it.  I started from the bottom and have finished Live! and Create and have about half of Laugh stitched.  These don't really take that long to stitch and I just need to do it.  I'm stitching this on Picture This Plus (PTP) linen - Carnival.  I saw the shop model at PTP and just had to use the same fabric they had.  It's just gorgeous!! FINISHED IN 2014!!!

3. The Celtic Band Sampler - Homespun Samplar  I've started this on a piece of Silkweaver linen.  I think it's actually a solo but it definitely resembles Days Gone By.  I'm using overdyed flosses to give a more aged feel to the project.  I've only stitched the bottom section so, of course, it has the wrong year on it now but I'll do my best to make great progress and finish it this year. 

4.  The Language of Love - The Drawn Thread  I really do love this piece.  It has the word LOVE right in the center and it's flanked by the same word in 4 other languages and then surrounded by a gorgeous border of hearts and vines and a tiny j'taime to add just a little more love.  I'm stitching this on a PTP orphan fabric - Lauren and using Vikki Clayton silks that I've adapted to fit the color scheme.  I did spring for one of the Northern Lights flosses - Lavender Mist because I just couldn't find a good substitute.  I've only one little corner started so I need to get busy!

5.  Quatrefoil - Lesa Steele (no image available) When Lesa first started designing, I was on a chat group where she also participated.  She offered her first design for sale, and as a bonus included Quatrefoil which is a piece she originally designed for a round robin group.  I own 51/250 and have had this forever.  I always look at it longingly so I've decided to work on it.  I started mine on a gorgeous piece of green overdyed fabric that I had leftover from another project and I'm using a mix of overdyed flosses and DMC.  It's supposed to have a 4 seasons feel so I've chosen my flosses with that in mind.  I've got the first box outlined and a little bit more.  It's stitching easily and beautifully so I hope to finish this one this year.  Watch for pictures!

6.  O Beautiful - Shepherd's Bush  I LOVE this band sampler.  The words of the song are interspersed with SB's creative, gorgeous bands.  I've only stitched the top band so far and am anxious to stitch more. 

7.  We Thank Thee - Silver Creek Samplers I actually started this one while on our family cruise over New Year's.  I stitched on NY day so it has to get finished this year to hold in all the good luck it started with.  I've stitched one end of the border and about a third of the bottom border.  I'm stitching this on a solo linen from Silkweaver using the called for threads. FINISHED 7/30/15!!!

From here on, they're all unstarted.

8.  Friendship Gathering (A Fine Collection) - Blackbird Designs  I've already stitched several of the patterns from this book.  This year I'm going to stitch the cover design.  It's a gorgeous piece and I'm sure I'll enjoy it. FINISHED IN 2014!!

9.  Violet's Blue - Blackbird Designs I simply fell in love with this project.  My favorite color is purple so it was just a natural for me.  I've chosen to stitch it on a Silkweaver solo 32ct linen in a lovely light shade of red-purple.  I think I only had to change one floss color.  I can hardly wait to start this one! FINISHED 4/2015!!!

10.  The Herb Garden - The Drawn Thread I really like these horizontal gardens.  I haven't chosen fabric yet but I'm sure there's something in my stash! :)  I also have the Dinky Dyes flosses but I think I'll substitute some other silks I have instead of getting the NPI.  After finishing this one, I'll either work on Give Thanks or The Sanctuary. 

11.  Celtic Spring - Lavender & Lace So, I have a gorgeous solo from Silkweaver in a light shade of purple that will be perfect for this design.  I've wanted to stitch this for a long time so I hope to start it and make some decent progress.  IF I finish it this year, I'll move on to Blue Moon Angel on another gorgeous denim-y solo from Silkweaver.

12.  Heartland Tribute - The Workbasket (no photo available) This is from one year of the Heartland Stitch In.  Both Katie and I have this project and have started in different places.  After looking at this one again, I plan to leave off the satin stitch border and the alphabet.  I may replace it with some sort of personalization or just leave it.  Either way, it'll be beautiful!

13.  Shop Hop sampler - Now, I've been going to the SH in the Kansas City area for nearly as many years as they've held it.  At each shop they give out a design which can be combined with the others and made into a large sampler.  I love what they've come up with and always plan to stitch it but never have.  So, this year I want to choose one from my yellow folder and start stitching!  I did buy fabric one year so that may be the one I start with.  Check back for photos. 

14.  Irish Blessing - Dimensions kit (no photo) This is from an old, old kit my SIL had stitched.  I loved it and she gave me that pattern.  I've just never pulled it out and stitched it.  I think this is the year!

15.  Garden Tiles - Rosewood Manor Well, RM has so many lovely charts it's hard to choose which one to stitch first.  Jeff solved that dilemma for me and chose this one.  I still have (at least) two more in the wings if I finish this one this year - Crabapple Tree and Two Bees & ABC's.

16.  The Red & The Black - Prairie Moon I really LOVE this pattern!  It's just red and black and cool, cool fonts and borders.  

17.  Summer Zinnias - Mystic Stitch I saw this stitched when I was visiting Heart's Desire in Wichita, KS.  Their shop model is stitched over 1 and is absolutely gorgeous.  I found a great solo in my stash from Silkweaver.  I won't stitch the background greens because the fabric will be perfect.  

18.  Plum Pudding - Glendon Place It's purple!  Need I say more?  

19.  Halloween Eve - Blackbird Designs Such a fun project.  I'll look forward to the various elements in this sampler.

20.  Irises - Sudberry House found this one in a clearance bin and fell in love with it.  Isn't it great?

21.  A Quaker Study - Carriage House Samplings I don't know what it is about this one but I love it.  I had chosen some dark colors for it but I've changed my mind and will probably stitch it more like the original. 

So, that's the end of the Large Project category.  See a problem already?  Just wait.  I still have Medium-Large, Medium-Small, and Small.  ::sigh:: Oh, to be able to stitch more often!

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